Hospital Management over view

Hospital Management over view

Prepare annual action plans for implementing the Prime Minister’s Program for

Prevention and Control of Hepatitis
Development and implementation of district plans (part of annual development plan) in accordance to
the agreed national policy and guidelines.
Ensure programmatic interventions implementation as per national policy and guidelines.


Provide technical assistance and support to Districts and private sector’s health institutions to
facilitate the implementation of program interventions as per national policy and guidelines.
Capacity building support to the districts.
To develop complete referral system from first level health care facility (FLCF) to the higher level
at district, province and federal level. This would address registration of patients, their referral
to higher level, and feedback to FLCF for the purpose to address the causes at the community level
by using their own staff and means.


Monitoring and supervision of district activities and oversight of district programs and reporting
progress to the Ministry of Health.
Ensure implementation of BCC and advocacy plans for increasing mass awareness through regional
Training of LHWs in Hepatitis prevention and control; infection control and hospital waste
management both in the public and private sector by using the Program’s Guidelines on the topics.
Facilitate the Provincial PIU for timely distribution of Hep- c treatment to districts and obtain
progress as per program requirements.
Support and facilitate corporate and private health sector in ensuring implementation of national
guidelines on Hepatitis prevention and control.
To coordinate with line Departments for necessary interventions to combat viral Hepatitis .

Organization and Management