Nisar Ansar Abdali Minister Health

Nisar Ansar Abdali Minister Health


Azad Jammu & Kashmir has made a remarkable progress in improving health outcomes of the community over the last fiscal year. The health outcomes achieved so for are the results of joint efforts of the Ministry, health sector stakeholders and the development partners. I am pleased to mention that we are the first region in Pakistan which is POLIO FREE since 2001
It gives me immense pleasure to note that the health sector has performed well not only in responding the emergencies at Secondary and tertiary care hospitals but also in upturn of the health services at the community level. The lessons learnt from these responses will help the Ministry and its stakeholders in better preparation and management of emergencies and disasters.

This report is a comprehensive document based on the performance reviews at various levels, which provides detailed and updated information with regards to resources, services provided, analytical trends and disease patterns in the region. The demand for this document both within AJ&K and elsewhere proves its real significance.

I am hopeful that, this 1st Annual Report of Department of Health Services will be helpful for policy makers, managers, decision makers, evaluators, researchers and students. I foresee this document will be very helpful for further improvement of health services in AJ&K.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the Department of Health Services and all those who contributed in preparation of this report. I would also like to thank our external development partners for their continuous support.

National/ Province/Region Stunting Wasting Under- weight Over-weight Micronutrient Deficiency
Iron Vit A deficiency Zinc Iodine
National 40.2 17.7 28.1 9.5 53.7 51 18.6 15.7
Punjab 36.4 15.3 23 10 52.1 49.1 18 15.5
Sindh 45.5 23.3 40.4 5.2 51.2 57.8 19.2 14.3
Baluchistan 46 18.9 29.6 7.1 70.5 58.4 18.6 20.6
KP 40 15 22.5 12.9 60.8 46.7 21.9 12
AJK 39.3 16.1 21.9 13.3 55.5 42.8 21.9 30.8
GB 46 9.4 20.5 14.1 26.9 47.6 20.1 45