Health Demography and Indicators


Health coverage in Azad Jammu & Kashmir is still inadequate. There are approximately 2790 hospital beds available in the area averaging one bed per 1523 people. The total number of doctors is 1066 out of which there are 60 Health Managers, 302specialists, 79 Dental Surgeons, and 704 Medical Officers.  There is a ratio of 0.07 Per 1000 Population in respect of specialists, 0.16 in respect of Medical Officers of and 0.09 in respect of Dentists surgeons. 
The mortality rates of infants and mothers are still higher; IMR is 62/1000, MMR,104/100000 LB, GR is 1.61%per. (Source: DHIS AJK)


During the reporting period, remarkable progress had been made in all the existing programs. Some innovative programs thought-out and launched first ever in the history of AJ&K at different levels of health services  offered to the people of AJ&K as per the following details:

  1. Primary Health care
  2. Secondary Health care
  3. Tertiary Healthcare

Establishment of New Hospitals

Federal Govt. /Govt. of AJK approved establishment of new hospitals in different Districts and sub Districts of AJK as per the following details:

Annual Development Plan

  • 30-bed Hospital Mong at Sudhnoti
  • Up-gradation  of OPD of DHQHs Kotli & Bhimber
  • Provision of Emergency Medicines in major hospitals of AJK


Following legislation have been passed from AJK legislative Assembly by the efforts of the DoH team:

  • Approval for implementation of PPRA Rules in AJK through a bill passed by a legislative assembly
  • AJK Family Planning and Primary Health care employees (Regularization and Standardization Act 2017).
  • Govt. approval of regulation for implementation of Dengue Control Programme in AJK.
  • Health Care Commission Act under vetting by Law Department.